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RAZREMS is a platform built from the ground up as an end-to-end solution for equipment monitoring. It encompasses full visibility on the status, health, and general condition of your generator.
Whether your business is in equipment rentals or it requires equipment for your operations, RAZREMS can help to keep your OPEX at a minimum.

With RAZREMS’s hardware and software technology, as well as compatibility with a wide range of supported equipment and control-panels, we will enable a remote monitoring experience that allows the user full visibility of the equipment parameters as if the person was at the site itself. Ranging from battery information and health to ATS state and “Not In Auto” notifications.

RAZREMS is not limited to terrestrial networks only. We offer Iridium® based solutions that allows you to have information on your equipments even if they are located in remote sites without GSM coverage.

RAZREMS’s maintenance module will handle the maintenance notification process, be it a service due notification or a fault in your equipments that requires your attention. Furthermore, RAZREMS’s maintenance module can communicate with existing ERP systems to provide a fully integrated platform for your business needs.

RAZREMS can provide options to specific users allowing them to remotely control the equipment. Remotely Start / Stop or reset the circuit breaker of the equipment with the click of a button.

Our analytics engine will give you valuable information on your equipment and project sites:

  • Utilisation of your equipment in relation to operational hours, energy generated and fuel consumed
  • Power output and equipment efficiency
  • Equipment’s information in relation to a project


RAZRBTS is a solution for telecom cell towers that helps Mobile Network Operators (MNO) or Tower Operators (TO) have visibility and control over the status of the Base Transceiver Station. Remotely monitoring vital parameters while allowing the option of remote control from the control center.

With RAZRBTS hardware and software technology, our solutions will encompass all the information of your energy component of your tower site.

RAZRBTS is unique in its offering as it provides the option of having all the monitoring and control done over a satellite network such as Iridium®. Thus having a fallback in case the network goes down with a quick and efficient method to remotely analyse and fix the problem.

RAZRBTS will facilitate remote monitoring of operational information. Knowing key parameters such as BTS load, power source (power grid or back-up generator) and  power consumption are just some examples of the metrics RAZRBTS provides.

One of the key components of RAZRBTS is our security module:

  • Monitoring and notifying the user when the main gate is Opened / Closed
  • Providing a visual feed through live IP cameras
  • Information about the panel room access, temperature and humidity can be provided as optional add-ons

Fuel consumption by the generator and fuel level of the tank is monitored by RAZRBTS. Notifications will be sent out on fuel level based on user defined thresholds.

Analytics of fuel related information is also a component of the solution:

  • Energy consumption by the tenant
  • BTS uptime
  • Maintenance reports


RAZRSOLAR is built to monitor efficiency of your solar panels and track everything you need to manage your solar power system. Our platform notifies you to take preventative measures in order to maintain the optimum Insolation which helps to:

  • Increase solar energy production
  • Decrease cost of power consumption from the utility
  • Using our Smart Weather Forecasting analytics predict energy production and plan needs in the most efficient manner.


Measurement of power saved can directly translate into actual cost reduction. RAZRSOLAR’s cutting edge analytics will provide all relevant information on the daily energy production, consumption and distribution to the grid.