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RAZRLAB has a mission to facilitate businesses by providing practical solutions in the field of IoT. At the heart of RAZRLAB is technology you can trust. Engaging user centric design, we offer lean and effective solutions to monitor your equipment remotely.

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RAZRLAB utilises the latest technologies for application development and edge computing to connect the physical world into the digital realm.
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Our solutions encompasses our belief that we are experts in Technology while our customers are experts in their Domain.
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We wear our hearts on our sleeves. Our commitment to prove that IoT is not a fancy acronym but an evolution of how to enhance your business operations will be backed up by our ability to rapidly develop and demonstrate a prototype.

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Our product is the solution we provide you. We will ensure that your business requirements are met through us by leveraging existing technologies in the most efficient method possible.

Our Philosophy

At RAZRLAB, our core philosophy will always be to pursue the most cost efficient solution that will guarantee a tangible ROI. Our solutions will always keep in mind not just what your requirement is but also, how to give you an enjoyable experience while interacting with remote equipment further adding to the positive outcome in any cost benefit analysis.

  • From our solution’s conception, to its implementation and its usage thereafter, we will guarantee the continuous improvement in the value derived by you
  • We will consider every facet of what an IoT implementation will bring to your business and craft a solution
  • By working with you to calculate, demonstrate and guarantee an ROI, we at RAZRLAB are confident to show our value proposition

Our Mentality

Our approach is based on a partnership with you. Our offering is also a collaboration which melds technology and domain knowledge to deliver the best solution. The relationship established is best described as a commitment from us to pursue value.


We build solutions for the business case


Polished through agile principles


Intuitive and user friendly UI


We achieve efficiency in all aspects

Our Technology

RAZRLAB understands that technology is ever evolving and does not slow down. RAZRLAB has designed its IoT offerings from the ground up with that belief engrained in every component.

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Edge Devices
Whatever your application, whatever your business case, we provide the best hardware options. We believe that data starts on the ground and that is a focal point of how we approach any solution.
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Data residing at the source in a remote site will be more useful when that data is transmitted to a centralised location for further analysis. We work with different technologies be it terrestrial and/or satellite networks to bring your data to you in the most cost effective manner.
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Intelligent Solutions
Our solutions are designed using latest tools in back-end technologies. Be it a small-scale solution for a single device, or large-scale solution for thousands of devices reporting crucial data. We are able to handle scalability, data analytics, machine learning and API development.
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We have crafted a streamlined GUI based on industry standards that provide an intuitive method for displaying of data. The user interface is tailor-made for the business case. This will help you to quickly unlock the value out of generated data through intuitive means.

Simplify Complexity

The RAZRLAB experience aims to maximise utility while giving you instant access in the palm of your hand. We are constantly driven by the vision to ‘Simplify Complexity’ and we drive that meticulously in our products, services and way of working.

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Easy and quick access to your data

Least number of clicks to access your data

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Understand your business’s overall performance through easy to interpret analytics

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Using APIs such as RESTful services, it is simple to integrate with a multitude of external systems

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Device agnostic

Best fit devices and hardware are recommended with no worries of compatibility

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IoT solutions that matter

Simple IoT solutions that have a measured ROI

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Customized solutions
Our flexible technology allows ease of development and customisation to ensure a simple, lean and clean application is delivered to you

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