RAZRLIM: Tank Level Monitoring

RAZRLIM is a solution designed for Real time Monitoring of Liquid Levels. It can be used to monitor Stationary Tanks and Mobile Tankers and can be used to monitor any Liquid.

It is useful for companies who have their own tanks or are responsible to manage their customers’ storage tanks and need instant access to accurate information to operate effectively and provide optimal customer service.

RAZRLIM is compatible with any tank, can integrate with existing sensors, and any type of network connection

Instantly monitor a wide range of remote sensors on wired or wireless networks. An intuitive dashboard with location capabilities shows the location and condition of all your remote tanks.

  • Filling and consumption patterns by hour, day, Month
  • Support for volume calculation of different shapes (trapezoidal, vertical/horizontal cylinder, rectangular, etc.)
  • Fuel theft (sudden drop) and Fuel filling alert (sudden spike) with customizable thresholds
  • Time to depletion algorithm to estimate refilling runs based on previous consumption patterns
  • Reducing unnecessary fuel runs
  • Diesel product content/quality (water dilution)
  • Monitoring CO2 emissions