Jason Gasper
C.E.O. & Co Founder
Jason has an acute sense for strategy and makes the jigsaw fit. He is forever a philomath.
Zubair Ahmed
C.T.O. & Co Founder
Zubair: 01000111 01101111 01100100 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01000011 01101111 01100100 01100101 – Nuff Said. In his free time, Zubair does what he does best. Code.
Rami Amin
C.P.O. & Co Founder
Rami believes that a problem is only worth solving if the cost of solving it is worth more than keeping the problem as is. He steadfastly holds this principle in applying technology to solve problems and enhancing business operations. He has a deep passion for video games. From the days of NES and Sega to the current generation, gaming has always been his favorite pass time.
Vineeth Fernandes
Operations Manager
From mechanical engineering to IoT, Vineeth has acquired vast knowledge through the different roles in this journey. His Mantra is always to work as one team and smug to see the efforts reap the rewards. In his spare time, he builds miniature models from trash, a tolerable off-roader, and dreams of becoming a farmer one day growing his own food.
Biju Balan
Head of Sales
Biju is highly experienced technical sales professional with a solid track record of working in IoT. He is passionate about sports and always on the lookout for how new technology is helping athletes perform better every day.
Syed Aziz
Head of Projects Delivery
Syed is a highly experienced business consultant and project delivery professional with over 12 years of successful implementations in diversified industries and government entities. He is an expert in needs analysis, project scoping and implementation, business modeling, and strategic planning.
Louis Christopher
Team Lead
Louis is our resident software ninja who can't say no to a good problem. Ever curious he likes to think of himself as an aspiring polymath.
Pratik Mokashi
Embedded Hardware Engineer
Pratik is our eccentric Hardware & Communication Engineer. Non-conventional use of cutting-edge technologies is what he’s all about.
Sumit Kumar
Software Engineer
At work, Sumit punches the keys Fullstack – at play, he punches the punchbag.
Mohamed Akram
Software Engineer
Mohamed is on a mission to make code simpler, and faster. He's also an avid stargazer.
Yamen Hatahet
Software Engineer
Yamen takes pride in his ability to quickly adapt in any work environment. He adores abstract code, but the same can't be said about abstract art.
Amrit Bhattacharjee
Software Engineer
Amrit is focused on increasing the technical integrity of what we build. He’s a Node Ninja and an aspiring polyglot.
Sabrina Löhndorf
Design Consultant & Specialist
As a perfectionist, she always tries to improve every bit of her work and constantly strives to push the boundaries to bring unique and stylish designs. She is sharply attuned to the ever-changing landscape of social media.
Yohannan Clarence
Data & Business Analytics
Yohannan is an 'Explorer' of Data & Business Analytics. He is known as ‘defensive wall of his Football team.