RAZRBTS: Cell Tower Site Monitoring

RAZRBTS is a solution for telecom cell towers that helps Mobile Network Operators (MNO) or Tower Operators (TO) have visibility and control over the status of the Base Transceiver Station. Remotely monitoring vital parameters while allowing the option of remote control from the control center.

We provide a quick and efficient solution via SATELLITE NETWORK in case of terrestrial network failure.

  • With RAZRBTS hardware and software technology, our solutions will encompass all the information of your energy component of your tower site.
  • RAZRBTS is unique in its offering as it provides the option of having all the monitoring and control done over a satellite network such as Iridium®. Thus having a fallback in case the network goes down with a quick and efficient method to remotely analyse and fix the problem.
  • RAZRBTS will facilitate remote monitoring of operational information. Knowing key parameters such as BTS load, power source (power grid or back-up generator) and power consumption are just some examples of the metrics RAZRBTS provides.
  • Monitoring and notifying the user when the main gate is Opened / Closed
  • Providing a visual feed through live IP cameras
  • Information about the panel room access, temperature and humidity
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • SLA’s compliance
  • Fuel Management
  • Site Downtime
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