What is LoRa®?

LoRa Technology is the DNA of IoT, connecting sensors to the Cloud and enabling real-time communication of data and analytics that can be utilized to enhance efficiency and productivity.
Why LoRa?
RAZRSENZ offers an efficient, flexible and economical solution to real-world problems in rural and indoor use cases, where cellular and Wi-Fi/BLE based networks are ineffective.

Unlike other disruptive technologies that can be slow to gain global adoption, low cost IoT solutions is not a promise of a future potential, but is available today all around the globe. With over several hundred known use cases (and growing), and more than 158 million devices deployed on every inhabited continent. Industry analyst IHS Market projects that 43% of all LPWAN connections will be based on LoRa by 2023. LoRa Technology is realizing the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Looking to connect your business to the Cloud? LoRa Technology is the de facto choice for LPWAN connectivity for long range, low power Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, enabling countless use cases in a number of key markets including smart cities, buildings, agriculture, metering, logistics and supply chain, and industrial control.

RAZRSENZ is a fitting solution for eliminating repeaters, reducing cost, extending battery life, and improving network capacity.

RAZRSENZ ecosystem is currently made up of Coldstore Monitoring, Poultry Farm Monitoring, Soil & Water data for agriculture, Pest Control, Temperature, Humidly & Air Quality Monitoring.