Addressing Businesses with the Right Innovation: IoT


In 2019, we will be seeing the boom in the Internet of Things (IoT) space continue to grow with more explosions in the number and variety of IoT solutions in the market. Additionally, large amounts of funding are being deployed at IoT startups. It also happens to be that industry giants are investing in the IoT space, such as  Google Cloud IoT, Microsoft Azure’s IoT Hub and Amazon’s AWS IoT Core. These come with their own advantages and shortcomings.  It is hard to imagine a business that won’t be impacted by IoT, within their own operations, as an offering to their customers, or by their competitor.

According to Gartner, there will be nearly 20.8 billion devices on the Internet of things by 2020.

IoT is frequently called the 4th Industrial Revolution and revolutions rarely happen without complication. The IoT revolution is no different, it is complicated because even though there are widespread solutions being developed by developers around the world, there is a key factor that is not taken into account, that is addressing this innovation with “integration”.

Modern businesses are competing in the digital realm and every business is quite different from the other, in terms of operations and their Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Therefore, for a business on-boarding an IoT solution could covertly mean providing it a sort of secret weapon to scale operations, reduce costs and possibly decimate their competition. A true weapon for a business would be to have a cost effective and customised IoT solution that is built for the business in a co-development manner by having the right consultants on-board. Modern off the shelf packages might not be as configurable nor customisable to cater to the business, so we might still require a fresh and innovative solution, tailored to specific needs of the business. Bespoke IoT software allow for this and can provide you with a key competitive edge. By investing in IoT-enabled software, businesses can improve resource utilization in innovative ways, reduce menial labor, lower business costs, and enhance data quality with real-time feedback and reporting.

The key to a successful bespoke solution is close collaboration between the customer and the developers, with a proper architectural design enabling structured development and governance of the project. In the bespoke realm, it is quite imperative to have a more involved process creating high quality, result focused features for the business case with a degree of flexibility because it is necessary to re-prioritize requirements to keep the focus of functionality and purpose that will benefit the organization in the shortest possible lead time.

The complexity of deploying a bespoke IoT project is manageable if you work with a well-heeled company with consultants or systems integrators at your disposal. RAZRLAB is one such entity that can help you gain the necessary engage through bespoke innovations in IoT space. RAZRLAB team have an enviable track record of developing IoT solutions across a whole range of industries.