Crucial Analytical Reports You Need for Your Fleet


If an organisation is not growing, devolution is inevitable. Any organisation that has a fleet of vehicles or other assets, it is necessary to strategize and implement a useful and effective fleet management solution. The world has moved into an age where manual tedious processes are being dropped for more intelligent cost-effective data-driven solutions. The advent of new-age fleet management solutions has revolutionised the industry with practices of real-time tracking, work order monitoring, event based alerting and intelligent reporting.

Providing live tracking information was the shiny thing of the previous decade. The usefulness of a fleet management solution for an organisation in this decade comes to fruition when the solutions provide useful analytical data that helps in making business decisions. An effective analytical module provides a 360° view of the operations to managers that give them immediate insights into the live operations instantaneously and help to swiftly implement strategies to improve results.

Below are 3 most common key indicators that apply to most fleet organisations:

Fleet Utilisation Analytical Reporting

For many organisations, fleet takes up a large space on the balance sheet – therefore, maximising productivity from each facet of the fleet operation should be one of the top priorities for managers and business owners. Fleet utilisation based analytical reporting highlights the utilisation of each vehicle by analysing the work orders completed, the miles driven and the duration of travel for scheduled time windows.

Based on the data obtained, managers can quickly and efficiently identify under-utilised assets and manage the necessary adjustments for scheduling of the work load to maximise the utilisation of their fleet.

The insights gained from this reporting module also plays a vital role in understanding the optimal size of the fleet needed for the operations of the organisation. With such information, a manager can easily make decisions such as to relive additional vehicles which will in turn end up saving the organisation a considerable amount of money or increase the network and go after new business.

Vehicle Maintenance and History Analytical Reporting

For ensuring productivity and for maximising the return on investment in the fleet, it is of paramount importance for an organisation to extend the longevity of the fleet whilst paying attention to safety. Vehicle maintenance and historical reports regarding scheduled vehicle maintenance and additional information will help managers identify top-performing vehicles. Leveraging this analytical data, maintenance can be handled better, instead of being driven plainly by fixed schedules.

Driver Performance Analytical Reporting

When a driver is driving, he / she is representing the organisation on the road. Hence it is crucial for the organisation that the driver is driving responsibly and fulfilling work orders in a timely manner. Managers need to constantly evaluate performance of the drivers and ensure compliance towards Health and Safety (HSE) regulations put in place by the country of operation and the organisation. With live analysis and automated reporting, managers can review the diligence of the drivers and track any discrepancies.

Managers would also be able to monitor critical driver behaviour such as speeding, harsh driving and other aggressive patterns. Irresponsible drivers or driving patterns can lead to accidents and put lives at risk as well as adversely affect the vehicle’s operation life-span and depreciation due to excessive wear and tear of the vehicle. This can incur additional expenses to the organisation and have setbacks in the daily operations of the organisation leading to further losses. Additionally, based on the data obtained from this reporting module, organisations can provide incentives to top performing drivers who truly deserve it.

However, though these smart analytical reporting modules are important to be provided by a fleet management solution, it is imperative to note that each business requires much more analytical insights than those mentioned above. Since, every fleet organisation is different from the other, it is crucial for a highly effective fleet management solution to cater to each business’ unique requirements and provide business case centric analytical reporting engine. At RAZRLAB, we understand and appreciate that one size does not fit all, and we always strive to go the extra mile to increase business centric efficiencies.

For a refreshingly new experience to manage your fleet and to truly unlock the potential of your operations, get in touch with RAZRLAB today!