How Poor Driving Behaviour Costs Your Business Thousands


When running a fleet operation, your main concerns are maximising efficiency and increasing profitability for your business. Poor driving behaviour doesn’t usually spring to mind as a big cost contributor. At RAZRLAB, with over a decade of experience, we discovered how things like harsh and aggressive driving can cost your business thousands.

In this blog post, we want to bring your attention to the most common circumstances that your business will face because of drivers’ bad habits:

  • Frequent vehicle replacement and part repair
  • Damage of goods
  • Missed deadlines and company reputation
  • Increased number of fines

Frequent Vehicle Replacement and Part Repair

Harsh driving can significantly affect vehicle’s condition. Aggressive driving will reduce the lifespan of your fleet and you will have to invest money into frequent repair or vehicle replacement. Part repair may look like a normal practice that doesn’t’ cost much. However, the frequent visits to the repair shop may increase the yearly spend on maintenance.

Damage of Goods

Aggressive driving would be a much bigger problem if your business transports fragile goods. The collision of the products when in transit can cause goods to get damaged. The company’s reputation will be hurt, and it will have financial consequences such as higher insurance premiums.

Missed Deadlines

Reckless driving is often a driver’s solution to be on time. This situation happens because of two main reasons – bad route management and / or poor job planning.

Your business promise is to deliver goods on time and in a good condition. Failure to meet those basic customer expectations will put your business in disrepute.

Harsh Driving Incurs Fines

Reckless driving is terrible for the road and the safety of other vehicles; hence, your business will have to pay a lot of fines when the authorities catch the drivers.

You may increase penalties to your drivers, but it may cause frustration among them and further exacerbate their morale.

How to Prevent This

Having the right tools in place will help you oversee driving behaviours in your fleet, effectively manage routes and schedule drivers efficiently. Here, at RAZRLAB, we offer a comprehensive software solution that will help you implement a business routine that is cost effective, smart and efficient.

Our advanced analytics can provide you with insights such as driver behavior & scoring, vehicle service & maintenance and much more.